My favourite Bali beaches

 There is a rumour that Bali is not a good destination if you want to see stunning beaches, because this island not famous for that. Well yes, Bali has a different kind of magic but let me tell you that this place really has some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen and this is what makes it complete. You find here everything your heart desires (well almost, I still don’t find Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam) other than that it has everything.

       I made a personal top 4 of my favourite beaches after wandering around to see what I like. But be aware of the fact that in two weeks it is my birthday and I will go to other islands and maybe I’ll change my mind :))


  1. Nyang Nyang Beach – Uluwatu

       I always start with the desert so I will start with my number one. I would not recommend Uluwatu area because it is the place I felt the most unsafe since I arrived in Bali, even a scooter driver told me not to be so “flower power” and to take better care of myself… but, MY GOD the beaches in this area are the best.

       I read that Nyang Nyang is one of Bali’s least visited beaches and I found on my on sensitive skin why. The access to it is not easy, there is a long trek required to reach it, you might fall, I definitely did that with my fancy sandals, but it was worth it.


The bruises passed and my heart is still happy with what I witnessed.

       The colour of the ocean is turquoise and I finally had the opportunity to see what I love the most – a wild beach. Nature is untouched by human here and, most important, you will be almost alone. If you are like me, wanting to experiment everything in quietness or with a really special person then this is the perfect place for you. I would not recommend swimming because the really naughty waves and the stones from the shore are not the best combinations, it was another occasion for me to make new bruises. But even so, I didn’t get upset… I loved this perfect beach too much.

2. Bingin Beach


       This beach is one of Bali’s most popular surf sports, but watching the fit surfers is not what makes it gorgeous in my eyes. The fact that it’s also a hidden wild beach is very appealing to me. Writing on the beach never worked so well, I was the most creative ever here.


The turquoise water and one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life and also eating the best veggie burger on the island are what will make me return as soon as possible.

3. Sunday Beach


       This is the beach of a Beach Club and for sure it’s not wild. It’s actually very beautiful arranged and it has five stars services, so, if you want to feel like a little princess (and pay accordingly) you can go here. This perfect clear water I would recommend for swimming, it’s safe but even so, it’s the only beach on my list with lifeguards. The guests of the club that pay a bigger entrance, stay in front, near the sea and the ones that pay less stay in the back (it’s the same like in real life, but I heard some people complaining about that, don’t understand why).

Regarding this beach, I have a nice feeling, of course, because it is gorgeous but also… when I was enjoying it (alone as a single traveller) I had near me a middle-aged couple. At some point, she fell asleep and her partner was just staying there watching her with so much love and caressing her. So you know that quote “in a room full of art I would still stare at you”? Here, near a sea close to perfection, this guy would still stare at his life partner. It melted my heart. Now I definitely need a man to look at me exactly like this :))

4. Gili Air Beach


       Well, yes this beach is not really on Bali island, you have to take a two hours boat to go here but it is worth it. Of the three Gilis, Trawangan, Meno and Air, I consider Air the winner because it’s perfect for my needs. Gili T is for parties and Meno for making babies and these things do not interest me that much now, maybe only the making babies part, but not sure yet.

       Gili Air is so small I had a tour of it in an hour walking, they don’t have cars on it and the best parts are the clear water beaches and the spectacular sunsets. Here you have the feeling that you are at the end of the world but in a very good way. You can snorkel and touch some turtles or just swim and enjoy the virgin beaches.

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