Each vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year #idomypart


According to PETA, Vegans Save 198 Animals per Year 🙂

       Now that I have your attention let me tell you how I managed to make this decision for myself.

       When I met the first vegetarian person I was 20 years old and it seemed something impossible to do for me. Somehow I looked at her with envy and a bit upset. Upset because in my subconscious I had struggles between whether it is normal to kill for food or not. However, it seemed inconceivable for me not to eat all the foods I had grown up with and that were presented to me as “good and healthy for humans”.

When this question sneaks in… „How is it without meat?” answers and motivations come to your way. The fact that I was saying I love animals and still killing them to eat them did not match. I love pigs and sheep and goats and chickens and ducks, and yet … I was killing them for my own pleasure. It was not an easy process. But when you see how these animals grow, what they are forced to go through, what kind of industry you support, when you learn that “meat is not as healthy as we are educated to believe,” when you begin to learn by yourself, when you become aware and gradually forget what you were taught by society to believe, choosing what is right for you it is getting easier and easier and easier.


       When I was 24 years old I gave up red meat because I just didn’t want to eat the fear, the trauma and all the conditions the animals go through before they were killed, so I can say that I gave up because of my selfishness.

      At 26, I decided to give up the white meat after a vegetarian friend showed me how the chicken we eat is growing. I was absolutely shocked!!!  Since that day I gave up white meat. So I gave up again thanks to my selfishness.

     I started reading books about this subject, I started studying vegetarian people. Is this way healthier? Can you live without meat? You do not become vegetarian if you give up meat and eat pizza with vegetables. My habits and my beliefs have changed, I started to cook almost every day and learned to avoid any deficiencies. After one year, I did the general analysis to prove to the worried people that “I’m not dying” because I do not eat meat anymore and the results were perfect, unlike other years.

     At 30, I gave up fish and seafood, because I was tired to wait for the outcome of the debate if the fish felt pain or not and I decided to listen to the feeling of guilt I felt every time I ate them.


    I do not believe in „I will change tomorrow” promises, I don’t think they are serious and lasting. I don’t even believe that vegetarianism is for everyone. It is not for those who eat chaotically and don’t seriously take care of all the necessary nutrients, is it NOT  for the people who don’t have serious beliefs and love for all animals and it only looks  “trendy” to say you’re a vegan.

   Also, at 30, I realized that 80% of my cosmetics are tested on animals. I was studying a cosmetics catalogue and preparing to buy some products … when in the description of a cream I found “Dermatologically tested”.  I knew about these tests, but I didn’t know exactly what they mean. I never “had” the time to discover the reality behind these tests. I said it was time to find out: „a substance is dripped into rabbits’ eyes or smeared onto their shaved skin. Laboratory technicians then record the damage—which can include inflamed skin, ulcers, bleeding, bloody scabs, swollen eyelids, irritated and cloudy eyes, or even blindness.
White rabbits are preferred because they are cheap and do not yell a lot.
Then, for seven days, the rabbits are tied and prevented from washing or licking their wounds, and then they are sacrificed for analysis

     In vain I show my disappointment when I see women proud of their thousand-euro bags made with dead animal’s skin, as well as furs, in vain I don’t eat meat, because from ignorance I still contribute to this misery. I threw all the cosmetics I had at that time and searched for vegan options. They are incredibly many and tremendously good.

       It took me 6 years to say without guilt that I love animals and that yes … it was not about selfishness but Love for oneself … Love for others, any form of “others”, animals or people, and Love for our environment, it is already known how the high demand for meat contributes to pollution.

        I am annoyed now with the question “Is it tested on animals?” … but I have a happy heart and I can embrace rabbits without remorse.

      I won’t make a drama if someone chooses a different way to live their life but I surprised myself when I got up to leave from a bench at the church because a „proud lady” with a disgusting fur sat next to me, it takes 10 to 24 foxes for a coat.  To be honest … my secret dream is to work for PETA :))

    As far as I’m concerned … I’m happy because I do my part.

    So? What do I eat if I don’t eat meat at all? I am so amused by this question :))) I eat everything without meat and dairy  🙂

Update: 27.02.2020 – After seeing some chickens that give “free-range” eggs and after feeling guilty every time I was buying and cooking eggs, I decided it is time to quit them also. So, the transition from when I started and being a vegan lasted a few years. But, me = very, very happy and prepared now. ❤




3 thoughts on “Each vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year #idomypart

  1. Very great post! I love the pictures as well. It’s insane how they test on animals 😦 I don’t buy products that does that either, it’s so unnecessary.


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