I remain smart even in my swimsuit


I was hearing two friends of mine discussing the fact that they can’t publish on social media pictures with them wearing swimsuits because in Romania people still judge you (or even you risk not to be taken seriously or considered credible) if you have this kind of pictures on the internet.

This absurd belief is still available in 2019 and is going hand in hand with the idea that beautiful women don’t have time to be smart. There are still lots of women that kill their feminity, the gifts they have from the Universe because they don’t want to distract people from their beauty.

To conform is not something that I like so after 7 years of working in an office environment with all the rules that are to be taken seriously and attention to details like: “don’t post sexy pictures with me on the internet that could affect my image” or “take care that my dress is not too tight or my skirt to short” I got tired.

This is not me.

I always had my parents words in my mind, that had only the best intentions for me, that to have a tattoo in a very visible place is very risky because people will not take you seriously on interviews. I got feeling and the belief that having a tattoo on your hand is the maximum gesture of freedom. These people seemed to be free. Free and strong enough to live in a  world that will judge you for such a small detail, they were living relaxed with a tattoo in a visible place, without being worried that “they will not be taken seriously on interviews” or that someone, at a certain point in their life will refuse to give them a chance because of that.

It became a goal for me to build a life and find an occupation that has no limits, where I can be who I want to be without the fear that “my image will be affected”.

Witch image? I invent the image!!

What if I decide one day that I want my image to be “the girl that gives advice wearing a bathing suit”?

I believe my smartness, my skills, my life experience, are still valuable even when I am naked. I don’t undress them at the same time as my clothes and for sure I will never go back to situations that will impose this kind of stupid rules.

Rules were invented by people. Even God is amused by some stupid rules that people created. If I remember very well, we were all created naked and it was beautiful, we didn’t have any rules and we were walking with our skin exposed.

I don’t say I will start to undress my clothes now to prove a point. But the freedom that I created for myself now made me feel on a pedestal from which I can say “pas” to all the limitations and limited people that might judge me for this kind of irrelevant things.


A new member of U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, is bisexual and very sexy.  I only heard about her because the press exploded one day when she decided at a very important ceremony to wear a tight dress and red lipstick. I don’t have enough English words to describe how charmed I was by her presence, she is one of the most feminine presence from politics and beside the fact that she is very courageous, she is also very smart.

She comes with two guns: smartness and beauty! Ha! Try to fight that!

I believe today that everything is connected to our own very deep set of beliefs. If you believe that you will be judged for your clothes, you will not be able to own what you wear and you will eventually attract situations where you will be judged, or even punished for your clothes.

But there is still hope. There are people like Senator Sinema, that change the world. Taking the risks, changing perceptions, beliefs and destroying some stupid beliefs invented by small people. You are not smarter if you have a Deus-pieces and hide your feminity.

What do you think? I wrote this article from a pool, wearing my swimsuit or from my office, dressed in a ski consume?



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