Why I love Bali? 27 Reasons

I find it difficult to answer very quickly when I am asked what I like about Bali so much because Bali is a mix of feelings. I answer simple “you will see”, but I realised later that not everybody knows where to look.

Bali is like a box of mixed chocolate. Who says that they don’t like Bali it means they had the bad luck to go somewhere that was not for them. Here you can find an area that it is just perfect for you.

Bali is a feeling. A mix of emotions to be more precise. Bali can give you peace, gratefulness, optimism, new ideas and also can take to the surface what you have hidden in yourself for a long time. Good or bad, this place will multiply the feeling and make you work with it, so you have to be careful with what baggage you come because you might be surprised by what will arise. It is the perfect destinations for me. Why is that, you may ask. Here are my 27 reasons:

  1. Nature

I left a crowded, noisy and one of the most polluted cities where I was waking up with grey buildings view every morning, and now I open the window to palm trees, the sound of birds and the river. If nature is what you seek, then this island has so many presents for you. My favourite? The fantastic rice terraces that Bali is full of.

  1. Freedom

If you wish to stay in a place where you can be whoever you want and nobody to judge you, Ubud – the spiritual and cultural centre of Bali is the perfect place. I have seen here the strangest combinations of clothing, attitudes and mentalities but nobody cares how you want to express yourself, and the level of acceptance is enormous. As long as your freedom does not attack the others, then everything is “normal” here.

  1. The beaches


Even though there is a rumour you don’t come to Bali for the beaches, let me tell you this island has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. So different one to another, with white sand or black sand, crystal clear water beaches, surf beaches, crowded or empty, you say your preference and Bali has that for you.

  1. The holiday feeling.

The variety of places to visit and meeting so many excited tourists makes you feel in a forever holiday, even if you live and work here.

  1. Easy access to virgin islands


Very close to Bali you can find Nusa Islands or Gili Islands. If you want to have the feeling that you arrived at the end of the world, but in a charming way, you can visit these islands that are very close and accessible with a boat from Bali.

  1. Parties

Who knows me very well is aware that I am not a party person. Even more, I will go out în my robe at 1 at night to threaten some teenagers that I will call the police if they don’t stop the music immediately (true story from a few days ago) and for sure I don’t like parties where the only “interesting” things are that someone paid 25.000 euro for a campaign. Here the parties are without alcohol and people really dance. They don’t need to drink to be able to feel good. A few days ago I was at a party where we had cacao, we meditated, we watched strangers in the, and we danced so much that my feet hurt for two days. These are my kind of parties… and nobody cares how you are dressed, what brand you have or how you feel to express yourself. Every person is focused on himself.

  1. I never get bored

In Bali, many people say they feel like in Avatar. All days are passing very quickly, and you never have time to get bored. You will always have a place to visit, a course to attend, a class to go to. In the end, you feel you don’t have time for everything you want to do.

  1. The rent

For 350$ you can rent a two bedroom house with a gorgeous garden. In my country, for this amount of money, I could only have a one bedroom flat, very far from the centre. One of my friends has a magic house with a jungle view, from one side she can see the sunrise and from the other, the sunset, but the charm of this house is the fact that the bathroom is open space and while you take a shower you can admire the jungle. I don’t know another place where this kind of magic can happen.

  1. The food

Local food is fantastic but being vegetarian and living in Bali is a dream come true. Bali is full of vegan-friendly restaurants, and the food delicious. They use organic, local products and taking care of your diet is more natural here. The demand for vegetarian food gave birth to the most delicious vegetarian recipes in the world. The only problem I have is that it is tough to choose which place to go because most of them are very good and abundant in vegetarian or vegan options.



  1. The people

Balinese people are the most welcoming people on planet earth. They live from tourism, so naturally, you will assume they love foreigners just for profit, but it is not like that at all. They love all people that are interested in their culture and are more than happy to introduce you to their world.


  1. The price of housekeeping

I always dreamed about having someone to help me with cleaning, but it was costly in my country. Well, here you can have a maid that works for two hours for 7 dollars or some homes include housekeeping a few times a week. To have someone helping me with changing the sheets, it is heaven on earth for me.

  1. The ceremonies


Bali is a never-ending celebration. Almost every month they are celebrating something. I have been invited by Balinese people to attend their ceremonies, and I will tell you, I have never witnessed something more fascinating. The dedication and the faith they put in maintaining their traditions alive is inspiring.

  1. The purification processes.

Bali is full of opportunities to purify your body, mind and soul. From water and fire ceremonies to visiting temples, you have many options to attend what kind of process you find useful. Even if you believe in rituals or not, they are a beautiful, meaningful experience that made me witness so many transformations.

  1. The Temples

Every temple is different, spectacular in its way and has its own story. The whole island is full of them, and you will not resist the temptation to visit them and enjoy their beauty.

  1. The Expats.

The expat’s community is vast here, and most of them are very nice people with beautiful stories, you can be inspired and make beautiful friends. I have friends from India, America, Peru, Rusia etc.

  1. Meditation & Yoga classes.

Bali, and especially, Ubud, is the best place to practice yoga. Even though this is not the place of yoga beginnings, here are gathered the best teachers in the world, all studios have classes from morning to evening, having different types and intensity so that you can introduce this practice in your routine quickly.

  1. Dance classes.

Have you always wanted to start dancing but never had the opportunity? Wonderful! They have salsa, bachata or kizomba classes for all levels and the best thing is that here you can attend social dance every night at a different restaurant. Dancing your life in Bali, how tempting this sounds?

  1. The massage

Do you know what is magic but very affordable at the same time? Massages! You can find massages starting at 7 dollars. Balinese massage is heaven on Earth; we all deserve this kind of relaxation in our life.

  1. Ecstatic dance

I believe you can find this kind of activity in other places also, but I discovered this liberating activity here, and it changed my life. The fact that you can dance your feelings exactly how you wish and nobody judges you, gives you so much courage. At the beginning I was dancing so mentally, controlling my moves and being so rigid, after so many months of experimenting this dance, my body is dancing me, and the feeling of freedom and courage that I gained is just amazing. People of all ages come to express themselves freely, and the energy that you win in the end is very empowering.

  1. Cacao ceremonies

These Ceremonies are unique because they combine so many beautiful things in one session – hot chocolate, meditations, self-development exercises, dance and open-hearted people. This is the best definition of pure bliss. You have the opportunity to put your wishes in a cacao cup and let them manifest every week because they are often happening and even though they are different from one facilitator to another the magical feeling is the same.

  1. Affordable Oceanview hotels

When it was my birthday I wanted to make a beautiful present for myself, so a trip to a hotel with an ocean view room was the best choice. But the surprising fact about this is the price of the room – around 50 dollars. This is how much you pay here for the luxury of staying in bed and see the turquoise waves hitting the cliff.

  1. Jungle view pools

DSCN0730_Fotor - Copy

I believe that you realised by now that I am obsessed with breathtaking views. My mother calls them vacations views, but I don’t agree with that. I believe we deserve to have a beautiful view all the time, not just for vacations. Bali is full of beautiful pools with a jungle view that can take your breath away. You can find infinity pools or smaller ones but all with an amazing green view that will make you forget all your problems.

  1. Best sunsets/sunrises in the world

Want to see the sun rising from a mountain or setting down in the sea, say that wish and make it happen because Bali provides possibilities for both choices.

  1. Age is just a number

In my country after fifty, people lose their appetite for everything and give up having fun activities. Not the case here. I have never seen bigger smiles on people faces like here, and the most beautiful thing that I witnessed was when one over sixty years old couple was celebrating their honeymoon. They were freshly married and happier than any other couple I ever meet.

  1. Self-development opportunities

There are so many classes to attend in all the domain, from spirituality, tantra, yoga to cooking classes Bali gathered a mix of possibilities for every taste.

  1. Energy.

That is given mostly because of the spirituality of the Balinese people. I have never heard of a place they pray and give offerings to gods like here. The dedication they put into it and the respect they have for tradition, for sure has raised the vibration of this place.

  1. Laundry

If someone wants to punish me, they can put me to iron clothes. Here I don’t have this problem because for a big bag o clothes I pay at the laundry 3 dollars and get them back clean and ironed smelling like flowers. Is this heaven on earth or what?

You don’t have to trust my words, pack your bags and see it with your own eyes and experiment everything on your skin. From my experience, everybody who came for “few weeks” extended their stay … maybe this will be the case for you too.


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