Do positive affirmations really work?


I believe that in top 3 things that make me feel I don’t have enough eyes to roll over is when someone is entering my life to explain to me “their truth” and how they are right and “I am not”. When I was younger I would be very angry, but now I can smile and move on like nothing happened just a bug passed my ear.

This is what happened a few days ago when two men decided suddenly to ”teach me some stuff”.

One really wanted to write me a message that HE FINDS STRANGE what I am doing (I don’t remember exactly what I was doing) and he was very aggressive in telling me that, while getting upset I don’t want to take the “critic”. 🙂

First of all “what it seems to someone” is not mandatory to seem the same to me and I have this option to consider everyone is free to have opinions, but I am not obligated to receive them and stick them on my forehead. He wished me to be happy in my pink bubble and I laughed a lot, it sounded like my pink bubble is something bad, it is actually really pretty and it smells like frangipani.

Today, I know very well that all the compliments, but also all the “critics” have no connection with me in reality, but with the filter of the person that is telling them. If someone is telling me: “Oh, my God, Ana, you are gorgeous!”, even if my Ego is a little tickled and I have a nice feeling, I come back with my feet on the ground quickly and I remember that only that person is seeing me this way. In the same time, John Doe might consider “I am not that gorgeous”, even more, he can make a little list with some flaws he believes I have.

What do I do with all this information? Nothing really, because I am at a point where I know very well who am I (I didn’t invest in my personal development for nothing) and I know my best parts and the ones that are not that nice, so I don’t need validation or “constructive critic” from people I barely know.

Who is in the position to give me bits of advice? Only the people I ask to give me feedback, people that I admire, I respect their opinion and that I know for a fact will not pamper me. But, even then, I have the option to choose what I will do with this information, to take it or leave it.


The second gentleman, very sweet and dear to me actually, didn’t tell me one of his opinions, but a certainty – that affirmations are like rainwater and they are not very useful. If you affirm “wishes” they don’t help you so much. Now here I almost felt from my sun bed. Say what??!

In this case, also, I believe we are free to have our own opinions and he was right. For him only. As long as he has this strong belief and he says full of certainty that “affirmations are rainwater” – for him this will happen. Always.

But, in my case (and many other people cases) affirmations were strong, so strong that they were able to change my life.

So, I decided to explain what affirmations mean for me and why I consider them powerful and why I use them for years.

First of all, even the Bible says “in the beginning was the Word”, I believe in the biblical inspiration and in spiritual masters (the only masters actually, not all these people that had a class and now they call themselves masters) so I get inspiration from their life. If He created using words, and we are made after His image, then guess what? We are able to give life to reality using words!

We will not become what we say today, but in time, after the affirmations are full of trust and you are feeling that what you say it’s real, even if you don’t see it in a material form right now, at this moment you are creating.

Basically, we can skip theories and give concrete examples. For 2 years I was telling myself that it is impossible to quit my job and move to Bali. I believed that – I was making this affirmation – This was my reality.

But, one day I decided to ask myself:

Ok, but how would that be though?

I still didn’t have my answers. I asked myself this question for a long time. And, on one sunny day, I just said that: I quit my job and move to Bali. I was in the same place, nothing changed, I still didn’t have any plan, no resources, nobody to help me or support me, even more, everyone was discouraging me. But I was repeating this affirmation with obsession. I was absolutely sure in March, in 6 months, I will move to Bali.

Well, we are 2 years distance to that particular moment and my affirmations brought me what I needed – courage, resources, ideas and I left to Bali. Things worked fine for me, I came back home, I came back to Bali and now I know for sure that if I say something with trust, obsessively – The Univers is listening to me. Even if He is bored of me and wants to get rid of me or because my faith in affirmations is so strong, I don’t know… but it is a fact and I don’t need to find out why.


My trust in affirmations was also proven at the majority of the classes I attended here in Bali. Do you have fears? Make affirmations to heal them! Are your chakras blocked? Make affirmations to open them! Do you have dreams? Make affirmations like they are already real.

Even more, I heard at a class something I was already doing without even knowing, that the music we are listening to is very important and it influences our life actively. Intuitively, I knew I don’t want to listen to sad songs like Adele – Someone like you. Seriously now, why would anybody listen to such a pathetic song? And even more, how could I sing about the fact that a dizzy man is in love with someone else? When someone upsets me I listen to Toni Braxton – He wasn’t man enough and I’m telling you, my spirit, vibration and everything goes to the sky. Well, I received the confirmation, once again, that affirmations, even if they are made consciously or not, affect our lives.

I write this article right now when I just returned from a cacao ceremony where we sang:

I am blessed, so blessed, I am limitless, limitless.

I really started to believe this about myself after singing it for 5 minutes, imagine if you repeat this every day what can happen.

What seems like an unimportant affirmation at the beginning, in time it becomes a personal truth.

The miracle here is that we have a choice. We can choose what we say and what we allow to become our personal truth, our belief. Our everyday affirmation. Our faith.

Isn’t it scary now to say about yourself: “I am fat”, “I am ugly”, “I never have enough money” and God knows what crazy things? You are what you say! You are your affirmations!

My affirmations got better and better in time, I studied them for years now.

Some secrets?

Affirmations must be made at the present time and in a positive way – You have to avoid negation because our mind can’t understand the word “NO”. And they have to be present time because an affirmation like: “I wish to be healthy!” will just leave you like this – always wishing and nothing will ever happen.

Affirmations must be made full of emotion – When we say “I have a healthy and beautiful body” we can put ourselves in that gratefulness and happiness feeling that we really have a healthy and harmonious body. The diseases we might have will not disappear overnight and we will not have abs in two days, but the affirmations will bring changes in the way that we treat and understand our body. We will attract answers and will understand the motifs of why it became sick, what the disease has to tell us, why we feed our body wrong, why we punish ourselves eating food that is not healthy and is hurting us. Once we understand these reasons – we change, our actions change and at the same time our body changes.

Affirmations must not be contradicted – If today you say “I am loved and appreciated” but tomorrow you change your mind and tell yourself that “nobody loves you and nobody is seeing the reasons you deserve to be appreciated for” your mind takes your last affirmation. It is not complicated at all. Just like a taxi driver, he will accept your last address, if you change your order for 3, 4 times, you will both be dizzy and with no result.

There are no studies to prove for sure that a habit is changing in 21 days as I heard, so affirmations must become daily mantras. We don’t say them only when we are in the mood or when we remember. They are an investment in the future. We offer them attention and dedication as we offer to a plant that needs water every day.

If you believe in your affirmations and you give them value, it doesn’t matter what other people believe.

You are the gardener that is taking care of the plant, not the people that look on the window and have opinions just to have some. You will be the one that will take the reward of the results.

In years, my affirmations changed to be very happy with the results. At my workshop, around 30 June in Romania, I will share the affirmations that helped me to love myself more, to accept myself just the way that I am and to trust myself and my future, but mostly to attract the perfect people and experiences that can help me fulfil my mission here on Earth.

I can’t wait to meet you and plant the seeds of a bright and beautiful future.

With Love, Ana 


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