“I’m going to Bali, what to do?” Complete Guide

The question I receive most often is: I’m going to Bali, what to do?
I would like to start with the question that I would like to stop receiving: “Where can I take pictures with lions or ride elephants?”
I believe it is absolutely horrible that there are still people that are not aware of what is behind these pictures, or they know and don’t care. I have 0 interest to lose time with this kind of people and they truly get me out of my zen space.
For a person who makes everything possible to avoid hurting animals, it is an offensive question and who dares to ask me this is obviously not following me so, I have no obligations to answer.
I had the opportunity to speak with people that are handling directly the “elephant sanctuary” from Bali and they told me that animals are treated very badly. For every person seeing an elephant in a leach, this should be something to worry about.
I will let some pictures with the “training” of the animals and how they kill their spirit for people to be able to “ride” them.
Vacation pictures riding animals is not something to be proud of, is something that shows your ignorance, how heartless and uncaring you are.
Now that we established this sensitive subject for me, we can see what Bali has to offer for people.
And I promise you, there is a lot.
First of all, my suggestion is to stay at least 2 weeks in this piece of heaven. Even after spending so much time here, you will still miss lots of places.
I didn’t see everything in 10 months, but my promise to myself is that I will come back over and over again and I will do this.
Bali is never enough.
Even at the Bali airport is an absolutely amazing message and also very true, “There is never a goodbye, but see you soon!“. Most people come back sooner or later.
Like I said in another post if you ever visited Bali and didn’t like it is because you were in the wrong place, this place has something for every taste.
So, what to visit when in Bali?
🌺  The rice feels
The rice feels are very famous and appear in every commercial because of their magic. My favourites are:
Munduk Rice Fields 
 🌺 The Temples 
When you say Bali, you say Temples so I will share with you my top favourite:
Ulun Danu 


Uluwatu Temple


Tanah Lot


Water Temple – Tirta Empul 


Lempuyang Temple – This Temple is an illusion, I was very disappointed when I went there that the temple has no water as I saw in the internet pictures, water that reflects the temple very beautiful. Everything was invented by some Balinese creative guys, as you can see in the pictures.
Water Palace
🌺Best place to see the sunset? 
In Ubud – My favourite place for the sunset, and you will thank me for this, is the Pomegranate Cafe. If you are lucky to have a clear sky you will witness the sun coming down over the palm trees and rice fields.
In Semyniac – La Brisa 
In Uluwatu –  Bingin Beach
Single Fin 
🌺 Beach Clubs 
As I said, you can find places for every taste.
In Kuta / Seminyak / Canggu area there are lots of beach clubs and most of them have a beautiful view of the sunset also.
My favourite is La Brisa – because it is a bohemian style and the music is perfect.
Also, you cand try Potato Head 
Finns club 
pool (5)cof 
🌺  Massage 
In general, I like massage so I will enjoy it even if it’s not perfect but I can recommend 3 places in Ubud for amazing massages:
Karsa Spa – The Best in Ubud, you have to make a reservation at least 2 weeks before.
Nur Spa – is the oldest massage salon in Ubud.
Made Spa – in this case, the word “spa” at the end is a joke, and the salon is a very simple Balinese room, but here I had the best massage in my life.
🌺 Pools 
pool (6)
Jungle Fish – is my favourite in Ubud, probably because is the first one Crina Andrei took me in my first retreat in Bali and it has a magical view over the jungle.
pool (2)
Hanging Gardens – the most famous pools in Bali, that you see in all commercials can be accessed even if you don’t stay at a hotel by buying a spa treatment, that is in my opinion too expensive, I believe something like my rent for a month in Bali. But, if someone wants to make me a beautiful present, anytime, I accept.
🌺  Fire & Water Ceremonies 
I believe it is mandatory to try these ceremonies if you are in Bali, mostly because these ceremonies are really able to make big changes in your life.
Water ceremony – represents a cold water “bath”, during the process the priest is saying some prayers (mantras) for you and also is throwing water in your head. Some people have really powerful reactions to this like shaking, crying, cand move their hands for a little while, but everything is normal and these reactions mean you are liberating yourself from problems that stay hanged to you from a long time.
BeautyPlus_20180821195427086_save - Copy
Fire ceremony (Agni Hotra) is a very ancient ritual where more priests say prayers near a fire and you throw stuff into it while singing mantras. I like to throw my worries and fears in it.
If you want to be a part of one of the rituals, send me a message and I will give you the contact of an amazing priest.
🌺 Parties
You know I’m not a party person, but Ubud parties are something else.
Every Friday, at Yoga Barn it is, probably the most famous party / ecstatic dance.
To be sure they will have a ticket people start to stay in line at 16.00 for the party that starts at 19.30. Got scared? Don’t panic because at 17.00 they start selling the tickets because the line is too big.
Another party that I absolutely love is the Super Moon Party from Akasha. 
It’s a party that has cacao ceremony, meditations, mantras and obviously ecstatic dance and it is at a gorgeous villa with an amazing pool that looks like a “sin house”, but nobody is sinning, you only dance your heart out, and nobody is watching you.
🌺 Campuhan Walk 
It is a very beautiful road from Ubud that I recommend at the sunset. I heard it is amazing at the sunrise also, but I never wake up at that hour.
🌺 Waterfalls
Everybody knows about  Tegenungan Waterfall, but in my opinion, is very crowded and very commercial.
My favourites are:

Yellow Waterfall


Kanto Lampo


Tukad Cepung


🌺 Shopping 
Ubud Market is the most expensive place, even though you might think you can negotiate and buy cheaper stuff, being full of tourists, the prices are big even if you negotiate. I am very bad at “bargain” so I found cheaper stuff in stores nearby, that had a price on them.
For example, you can find Dream Chasers, all sizes and affordable on the Jl. Raya Andong Street.
🌺 Restaurants 
Ubud it’s a heaven for vegan or vegetarian people but with delicious food. I have lots of favourite restaurants so here they are:
Zest Ubud – this restaurant is not in the centre but it is a gem, with beautiful decorations and an amazing view of the city. Someone said this place is like a church because first of all the owners of the restaurant have ethics and they make big efforts for their staff to be happy and the food to come from ethical resources and not hurt the animals or the environment.


Kismet Ubud – Is the place I love to take myself out to eat “fake chicken” I love all their food and even I have witnessed a very nice scene here when some tourists visited the place without knowing this is a vegetarian place and they wanted to leave. The staff managed to convince them to stay with the promise they will be happy with the food. They decided to stay and when the food came, obviously the staff asked how is the food and they started laughing… and the staff said there is no problem to admit the food is amazing because they already know that, obviously they approved.
Clear cafe – Vegetarian + Fish, this place is very beautifully decorated and the food is very tasty.
Monsieur Spoon Ubud – Seminyak – it’s a French bakery, and here you can come when you miss Europe, it has the best croissants and coffee and the best breakfast in the world for me – Mushroom on toast.
Kafe Restaurant – Ubud 
Sage – Vegan place Ubud 
Kedaton Ubud – This place has Balinese food and it’s the first restaurant I visit when I go back to Bali. The food is amaaaazing and very spicy.
Akasha – This restaurant is a little far from Ubud but it’s worth the effort because the place is very beautiful, in the middle of the jungle.
Pomegranate – Like I said this place is perfect for the sunset and also it has the best hummus in Ubud.


Uluwatu – The Cashew Tree – I can recommend only this place here because it was my favourite and I only eat here. I’m obsessed.
Crate Cafe – Canggu – Vegetarian
Kynd Cafe – Vegan – Besides the fact the food is very pretty and very instragampictureslike, the owner donates part of the profits and now she opened another vegan restaurant from which she donates all the profits I believe this is wonderful. Obviously, everything is vegan, and obviously having ethics.


Nusa Lembongan – Oishii – Here is the best Sushi restaurant in the world, it has the best vegan options but also people that are not vegan were super happy with the food.
🌺 Fun 
In Ubud you have every day few events from which you can choose, every day I have a hard work deciding what to choose,
Meditations & Yoga at Yoga Barn are amazing, I love Active Conciousness meditation & Healing meditation with Amit, and yoga with Paul.
And for the ones that love to dance every evening the salsa community from Ubud organises parties in different restaurants.
🌺 Rent & Booking 
I never recommend places to stay because this is a very personal subject and also the preferences are very complicated. But if you want to experiment authentic Balinese lifestyle I recommend Arsa Wayan GuestHouse. This is my Balinese family and I love them because they are the best people in the world and they make everything to keep their guests happy.
🌺 Swing 
There are 2 big swings in Ubud, and for both, you have to wake up very early because the lines are huge.
Bali Swing 
Swing (1)
Uma Pakel 
Swing (4)Swing (5)Swing (3)
🌺 Beaches 
Here is an entire article about my favourite beaches.
Nyang Nyang Beach (1)cof
🌺 Trips 
From Bali, you can take the boat for some gorgeous islands.
Nusa Islands – These islands are on rocks and most of the beaches, even if they are beautiful, they are dangerous, not all, but most of them.
 Nusa Lembongan – My favourite, from it you can cross the Yellow bridge to go on Nusa Ceningan or take a boat for maximum 20 minutes to go to Nusa Penida.
Nusa Ceningan 
Nusa Penida 
Gili Islands – These islands have amazing beaches and the water is perfect for swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving.
Islands (2)
Gili Trawangan – For parties
Gili Meno – For honeymoon
 Gili Air (my Favourite) – The island is so small that you cand walk by foot the entire island in an hour.
Islands (1)davcof
So here it is… if you still have more questions feel free to activate your inner explorer and find out more and new attractive places to visit on a magic place that has all the answers in the world – Google : )) Because I still want to keep some secrets for myself. Namaste!
Hugs, Love and kisses.

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