I moved into a fairytale <3


I moved into a fairytale that I created myself.

For two years now I have no plan with my life because until I decided to make a radical decision and let myself in the arms of my dreams, I had many plans every year and I was waiting for them to fall from the sky.

At the end of every year, I was always full of hope that this one that is coming will be “my year” but I was not doing anything different and obviously, the results were not very different.

I stay now at a tea in Tuscany and I congratulate myself for turning down my fears, the fears of the people surrounding me, and making my first steps. What I did was not something extraordinary or that someone else could not do it. For me “I’m too old”, “I can’t do anything until my kids finish school”, “I have a family, for me it’s different” are just excuses and very comfortable umbrellas to hide the fears and the lack of courage to try to materialise your dreams, no matter what kind of dreams. In reality, when the desire is enough, the resources come on the way, because you allow yourself to make the first strep and ask the right question: – How would it be?


I was haunted by this question for two years before making the decision to go after my dreams, it was a situation like, now or never, all or nothing. I never asked myself – why others can and I don’t, I just assumed that if someone else can do something, I can do it too. It’s a matter of trusting the gifts that the Universe has put in you, so I got inspired and I was very mature to own any kind of result, no matter if they were what I wanted or not.

I never doubted my capacity to be able to manage all the situations may appear and I trusted my partners on this journey, God and the angels He gave to me. It may appear that I am alone, but I’m never alone.


Only one thing is important when you make a radical decision – to be the right time.

And how do you know when is the right time? When you realise that no failure is comparing with the suffering that you have for not following your dreams. No matter what dreams you have.

You feel that everything is suffocating you and also that you lose everything if you don’t make a decision now. This is how it was for me.

This feeling of suffocating left when I took a decision.

There are many situations that are suffocating us, a wrong relationship, a job, a place, some specific people.

I heard many people taking radical decisions being advised by others like – psychologists,  guru, guides etc. but in these situations, others have control over your life, and they will never know the truth from your heart. Others people opinions are only for orientations, but in the end, only your heart knows the truth.

When I was not ready and I was letting my fears be my guide when I was hearing someone saying that your life is changing according to our feelings I was rolling my eyes because I wanted things to happen according to my terms and I was very attached to the results.

Nobody says to put all your life on fire for a dream, but I say if something makes our heart beat faster than we have to make efforts for that dream.

The right moment never comes if we comfort ourselves with excuses, the right moment is not coming when we lose time on tv commenting what we see when we give likes on Instagram when we compare our lives with others people lives, or when we consider ourselves better or not enough.

The right moment comes after we dedicate our free time to invest in our better version, to transform ourselves, to become more prepared to receive what we want from life.

Do you want a life partner? Wonderful, but are you really ready to receive it? Are you the best version of yourself?

You wish to attract a quality partner to build a wonderful relationship, but in the meantime, you lose your energy and resources that you could invest in yourself spending time with people that are not what you wish for, but they fill a void? I read in a book a quote that is amazing: “You are who you fuck”.

So, if someone does not deserve the spot in your heart, why is that person allowed in other places?

Do you want to go on an exotic vacation? Wonderful dream, but do you make economies for your dream? Did you make an imageboard with the place you want to visit to attract this experience into your life? Or do you spend money on unuseful things, like cigarets, unhealthy food, an expensive brand skirt that you don’t need and say “Oh, the plane tickets for Asia are so expensive”?

I hear a lot of people saying they want a change, but their actions are against their wish.

Why is this happening?

Because it’s not their right time.

Because they didn’t learn their lessons.

Because they still have to learn from painful experiences.

Because they need to pay more Karmas.

Or simply, because they don’t wish that thing enough.

What these people don’t know is that change is at one radical decision apart. At this decision comes when we have had enough with our own inconsistency.

Nobody will come to take us from a situation to make it better for us, and even if some people will try, we will not have the disponibility to listen or the knowledge to understand.

The radical decision comes from our soul. We decide one day “You know what? I want to be happy” and leave what is making us feel otherwise.

Unhappiness is a choice, suffering is a choice and also Happiness is a choice, the will is a choice and I say this after testing all on my own skin.

LRM_EXPORT_25477087299756_20191006_203452216 (1)

A few years ago I was at an angels class and the facilitator, Delia Muresan, said that if you don’t make a radical decision with your life, the Universe is not seeing your will and determination, so you will not receive what you wish for. You don’t put only the tip of your toe in the water to test it, you throw yourself, all of you, with trust and faith. I believed this idea is absurd, ridiculous, impossible and very risky. But that was because I was not ready at that time, after a few years I realised she was very right.

My life was the same.

But also, I was about to discover another very important element – Detachment from the result. The truth is our mind is very limited, we say we want something but maybe life has prepared for us something even better.

So, I learned to make a wish and go with all of me in it, to trust divine guidance and at the same time to detach myself from the results with the firm belief that what is best for me will appear and that I also have all the resources to handle what situations may appear.

Why I write all of this? To plant a seed into your mind, to remind you to look your fears in the eyes, your limiting beliefs and become stronger. To give it a try despite them, to get on top of them and conquer them. Then to make a radical decision towards your dreams… or at least… baby steps every day. But, for God’s sake do something!

The end of the year is coming, and opposed to other years I don’t have plans anymore, but I have dreams and a few steps that I will make towards them.

If you want to go on this journey together, Andreea – my inspiration and the strongest woman I know, the one who took my hand a few years ago – and I will organise a special workshop dedicated to this mission – To give up fears, limiting beliefs, and plant the seeds for a new better year.

On 8 November, at Suntuncopac Studio, we meet to create space for even more magic to enter in our lives.





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