“I don’t know how to love a man that doesn’t love me”

One of the reasons I love Ubud so much is the fact that it puts me in connection with so many wonderful people that make me a better person, I really don’t know any other place on planet Earth where you have instant access to quality people and classes every day. You become better just by living here. I was at a salsa night last year … Continue reading “I don’t know how to love a man that doesn’t love me”

“Nu ştiu să iubesc pe cineva care nu mă iubeşte”

Unul dintre motivele pentru care iubesc Ubud atât de mult este faptul că mă pune în legătură cu atât de mulţi oameni absolut minunaţi, care mă fac o persoană mai bună. Chiar nu ştiu alt loc pe pământ unde ai acces instant la atât de mulţi oameni de calitate şi atât de multe cursuri în fiecare zi. Devii mai bun prin simplul fapt că locuieşti … Continue reading “Nu ştiu să iubesc pe cineva care nu mă iubeşte”

When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld

Jane Austen, the author of the book “Pride and Prejudice”, never married in real life, and I think I can guess why … what’s the point of doing this if love, in reality, is nothing like the love in the books you write. Even when “a rich young man asks her to be his wife,” she did not let herself convinced even if she had said yes initially. That love, which is above the pride of the mind and against any prejudices imposed by society, was very difficult to find in those time, almost impossible to hope for it today. Continue reading When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld

The courage to embrace your personal brand

When you see yourself in the mirror every morning and wish yourself to have a perfect day and tell yourself how much you love yourself  (I really hope you have this habit) what is the thing that best defines you?

              Which thing hidden in yourself defines you? The fact that you are a talented poetry writer, the fact that you really know how to compose love letters, or to embrace trees? Build buildings or organize events? To grow small babies in exceptional men or the fact that you are capable to write 10 pages in less time than average? Or perhaps the fact that people near you have cheek pains from too many smiles, the way you love or make love, or you dance cha cha with to much passion or you teach yoga in a different way, sell the most appropriate books to people or to arrange things in harmony. Continue reading The courage to embrace your personal brand