“It’s your kind of suffering”

“It’s your kind of suffering” Since I moved with my new roommates, Luca and Devan, I have had more discussions about love and soul than usual, we are all single, but with an open heart for a relationship… “that relationship”. Therefore, we put under the magnifying glass any new person appears and dissect it :)) “Why did I attract this person?” “Why could it be … Continue reading “It’s your kind of suffering”

When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld

Jane Austen, the author of the book “Pride and Prejudice”, never married in real life, and I think I can guess why … what’s the point of doing this if love, in reality, is nothing like the love in the books you write. Even when “a rich young man asks her to be his wife,” she did not let herself convinced even if she had said yes initially. That love, which is above the pride of the mind and against any prejudices imposed by society, was very difficult to find in those time, almost impossible to hope for it today. Continue reading When souls recognize each other #Iamhereworld