“It’s your kind of suffering”

“It’s your kind of suffering” Since I moved with my new roommates, Luca and Devan, I have had more discussions about love and soul than usual, we are all single, but with an open heart for a relationship… “that relationship”. Therefore, we put under the magnifying glass any new person appears and dissect it :)) “Why did I attract this person?” “Why could it be … Continue reading “It’s your kind of suffering”

“Curajul este frica ce şi-a spus rugăciunea.”

Citeam o carte despre viaţa Sfintei Tereza acum ceva timp şi scria acolo că una dintre credinţele ei era că “Dumnezeu nu îţi dă visurile degeaba, are în plan să ţi le şi îndeplinească.” M-am gândit mult la această afirmaţie şi mi se părea fabuloasă, dar imposibil de crezut. Până când viaţa mea s-a schimbat complet şi am văzut că acest termen de “imposibil” este … Continue reading “Curajul este frica ce şi-a spus rugăciunea.”

“I don’t know how to love a man that doesn’t love me”

One of the reasons I love Ubud so much is the fact that it puts me in connection with so many wonderful people that make me a better person, I really don’t know any other place on planet Earth where you have instant access to quality people and classes every day. You become better just by living here. I was at a salsa night last year … Continue reading “I don’t know how to love a man that doesn’t love me”