Healing Bali

      Bali is known as the best destination for healing. Healing what you may ask… Well, almost everything. You will find gathered here all kind of healers, from the Balinese priests that do water and fire ceremonies that help you purify your mind, body and soul, to healers that use preso puncture, reiki, crystal therapy, sound therapy or healers that can find the best combination of plants to give you an alternative way for your diseases.

       Finding them is very easy, our friend Google is now full of information and reviews to find the one more appropriate to your needs.

       The most important questions are: are these healing sessions really working or they are just a nice story to attract people for profits?

      Well, it all depends on you, your beliefs and expectations.

     If you go with an open heart and no expectations, just pure faith, then you might find yourself living a process like never before. Nothing will work if you go with the idea of “I just want to try this because I like to try new things”, you have to have an intention and offer it for the session.

       Also, if you go with the impression that if a healer puts his hand on your head or he will mix some plants for you, you will heal a disease miraculously, you will be disappointed. I never heard of such a thing.

       As a psychologist and a person who has attended hundreds of spirituality classes and practices, I know by now that this healing thing is an inside job.

      All the problems that we have, wrong beliefs, bad energy, diseases, blockages are “gifts’ given to us to teach us something, so first, we have to see the reason behind them, and then the healing comes. What these Bali healers / Priests do instead is to help us in the process, and they can be such powerful tools, but in the end, the whole work is done by us.

      Let’s just say they can put some light on the things we have to focus more. The sessions can help set the energy in a flow, release blockages that were stuck in ourselves for years only because we didn’t allow them to go out or didn’t provide them the space to do that. These sessions or ceremonies are the perfect places to do that. But again, the success of the process depends only on us. Are we ready to heal, did we understand our lessons, is our heart open to change?

       I know all these because I tested on my skin all kind of healers here in Bali and the results were different for me and the people around me. But one thing is true, Bali gets to the surface everything you have in you, good or bad, and you have to deal with it. So, let me share you who I visited lately.

Trie Nyoman Tripitasih



       Trie is my latest experience and the most pleasant surprise. She is a priest that does water ceremonies and fire ceremonies, and the combination is just magical. She was the only one I went without any expectations; I only wanted to add more peace to my heart, and indeed this is what she did for me. Her energy is very feminine and maternal. She told me something that Bali said to me from my first day here: “Welcome home, Ana!”. At the water ceremony after praying for you (and everybody knows that when somebody else is praying for you, the prayer is more powerful) she will pour water on your head but the process is very gentle, and the touch is almost angelic. During the process and after, my main feeling was pure love. My heart was so full of love it nearly exploded. After the water ceremony, you move in the temple and have a fire ceremony with her and other priests (Agni Hotra ceremony). This ritual is around a fire and while singing a mantra that was explained to me as – Whatever has to be, will be, you throw in the fire flowers, oil, rice, sugar and all sort of stuff but most important I was throwing my problems and my fears.

It was my third Agni Hotra ceremony and maybe because I was already used to it, I was able to focus, meditate and be present. It was a powerful experience that left me with a blissful feeling. People all over the world come to see her and attend her ceremonies, and I understand why – the afterwards feeling is like you have all your pieces back together and you can conquer the world.

 Ida Resi – High Priestess of Hindu

       Ida is a very famous priest in the whole world, not just in Bali. She gained this gift of being a priest from her grandfather, and I heard a rumour before going to her two years ago, that she is very sad and she is considering it a burden because she can not have a normal life, a family or freedom because she has to offer herself to the people. I found this sad, before going to her I had thoughts of how lucky she is to have such a mission. Hearing this gift is so tiring made me feel even more respect for her. But good news and bad news! I understood that now she found love and is getting married, but unfortunately, she might be obligated to give up being a priest.

       The process with her is fascinating but I felt her very distant, I felt her almost untouchable.

       After an hour ceremony where she prays and sings mantras, you go in front of her and depending on her feelings she will throw buckets of holy water in your head. I was in front of her with two other girls beside, and people told me she felt to wash me the most. Having all this cold water on my face it was almost impossible to breathe, so basically I was suffocating and breathing very hard, so it seemed like I am in some shock; actually, it was just tough to breathe. The feeling was like I was being punished or something. I saw other people in front of me screaming, crying and doing all sorts of strange gestures, so I was surprised I didn’t feel like doing the same. The explanations were that either I don’t have anything to heal or I am not allowing myself to improve, so this rigidity blocks me from expressing my feelings. Either way, it is not the magic that is a doubt but your ability to feel and heal.

Ida’s Grandfather


       She took the gift from her grandfather, so naturally, I had to see how the healing process with him is also. The ritual is the same, receiving buckets of water in the head.

      But, he had laughing energy in contrast to Ida who liked to push things a little to make people cry because crying is healing.

       I sow in front of me people crying, suffering a lot and also laughing, so I was very curious how will I react this time.

       I was with two of my best friends beside me, and this time I only felt peace. I knew now how to keep the head a little bit in front not to suffocate from the water anymore, so I just felt how the water is washing my hair and body with an entirely peaceful feeling.

       I didn’t feel to cry, scream or laugh, just to be in the moment and be grateful for all the gifts in my life.

Gede Rai

       I was living for five months in Bali when I realised I completely forgot about healers, so I asked around where to go in Ubud. Gede Rai was the first recommended but with the warning that he is now old and his reading might not be like in the good times.

       I was received by a very old man indeed, 80’s or something, and he stayed on a chair while I was in front of him sitting down. He pressed my head and said with panic: Oh, you have lots of thoughts! and I said: Well, yes because I am a writer. After that everything that he said was around this, that I will have back problems because I stay in front of the computer too much, to take a break every 2 hours and also when I lied down and he touched my legs he was shocked that my body is very fit: You walk a lot he said. This is true, I do, yes. After telling me I have hormone problems and again that I have to take care with my many thoughts, he recommended me B12 and B6. And I laughed because these were the same things he suggested to a friend that visited him two weeks before me.

       In the end, he suggested me to leave a donation at the special place arranged for that, but after bringing the money, he took it and counted them, so that felt strange. I had to wonder after if he was satisfied and if his blessings “to be happy” will still work. I believe that for every service, even the spiritual ones, we should pay but this situation was strange.

Temple Ceremonies


       Thanks to my Balinese family I was fortunate to be welcomed in temples, and their houses to see how the ceremonies are, to pray and even be blessed with holy water by their priests. I love all the rituals, and I watch them with fascinations every time. The complete dedication that they put in all their temple ceremonies makes me feel ashamed I only meditate a few minutes a day and pray even less. Gratefulness is the most important thing that conducts this religion, and I am glad to say I practice this even more now. They told me all the rituals and what prayers should I say but… I discovered myself saying only “Thank you” because this is what I say to God all the time for allowing me to live, feel and be a part of all the magic this island has.

       In the end the healing depends on the person and what baggage the person has. My life did change after all these meetings and ceremonies, and I heard from other people that flow of abundance and creativity emerged.

       The essential healing I did for myself is getting out of my life the idea that everything has to happen according to my plan or timing and also accepting that the divine order may be different from my wishes and demands. Recognizing this is indeed relieving and healing, because life becomes more comfortable when you let go and put yourself in the hands of the Universe saying “Your wish is my command!”.


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